lost fonts when reloaded Musette

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lost fonts when reloaded Musette

Post by vee6610 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:08 am

I had to reload Musette on my new computer when my old one died. I am now trying to use the fonts for the chords that I once used in Musette but the window appears to be a bit different and I cannot find INKPEN CHORDS font or HELSINKI SPECIAL, INKPEN SCRIPT, OPUS, etc. What has happened? How do I get the use of these fonts back? Vera

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Re: lost fonts when reloaded Musette

Post by maestro » Wed Nov 16, 2011 12:27 pm


Check your c:\windows\fonts folder to see which fonts are installed. There might be something close enough you can switch to. If your old computer still starts, you can copy the fonts to the new computer. If not, search the internet for the font. There might be something you can download and install.

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