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I just upgraded and am pleased with the decision to do so. Musette is really self-explanatory with the drop down menus, especially with a few trips into "Help."

I would like to know if it is possible to copy and paste a saved song from the demo version into the upgraded version. I looked in help, but probably under the wrong topic for my particular problem.

I opened the created file. "Drew" a new staff under the ones I had previous filled in. Using "block," tried to select the notes in the treble clef to move down to the new staff, with no luck. My mouse was kicked out of the working area. I could not click on anything until I deleted the block.

I am running XP. I know just enough with this program to be "dangerous." I hope my description is clear enough so you know what I am attempting.

Back to the question: Is it possible to copy and paste the notes from the previously saved "simple" version in to the new staff.

Thanks. ???

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Maestro, please help. I lost the "C" in the topic title and don't know how to fix it.

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I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but from the help file contents, check out sections: Demo/Reformating Entire Measures, and Menu/Edit Menu/Copy-Cut-Paste.

From the main menu, select "Draw/Staff/block" (dashed rectangle). Drag the mouse around the notes you want to copy and use menu option "Edit/Copy" or "Edit/Cut". Draw another block where you want the notes to go, and select "Edit/Paste".

If you just want to move the last bar of one staff to the next staff down, you can drag the last bar line past the end of the staff as explained in the above sections of the help file.
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