Drawing slurs - Place a slur across multiple notes

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A small technical thing for someone trying to slur several notes, especially when one or more in the middle of the slur are higher than the others. The program sometimes causes my mouse to skip over the second note and engage the third; when this happens, I find that the following helps.
Suppose you are connecting a series of 4 notes in the treble clef -- all stems down -- D, G, C, G. Instead of trying to drag your cursor upward off the D, bring it down through its own stem, then across the stems of the other notes and finally up above the last note of the four. This will get your slur to end in the neighborhood of the final G.
Note to Maestro: What I'd like to see is the ability to draw a tie, then connect the tied notes with a slur to other notes following.
Thanks for a terrific program.
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