Trouble transposing - Change from alto to treble clef

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After several days of using the free version, I purchased the upgrade to Musette.
First, it far surpasses my expectations. I feel I spent my $35 extremely well, and I’m happy I bought it.
I do have one vexing problem that requires help.
Despite hours of trying, I am unable to use the transpose tool to good effect. What I’m trying to do is take a viola passage (written on the alto clef) and transpose it entire to treble clef, so a flute can play it in tune with the rest of the group. There are some radio buttons, but what do they mean?
I hope someone can help with this, inasmuch as I’ve fiddled with it long enough to wear the skin off my typing fingers. A better help file would go a long way here.
I’m using Musette version 2.7.0/004 on a PC, Win2000.

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Select the "Format/Transpose" menu option, click the "treble clef" radio button, and then "OK". Selecting the gray "treble/bass clef" (default) radio button keeps the same clef. The slider transposes up or down by up to 12 semitones. If this doesn't work, or if you want more help, post your piece (or part of it) as an attachment.

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Hmm. Seems to work so far. I'll continue to work with this.
Thanks VERY much for the help.
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For the 3rd time.. I wrote a complete song to transpose to play Bflat clairnet. oops.. Musette won't transpose. Why??? Then after saving, I went to open and it was lost in never=never land.?? I am very glad to pay for a good music writing/composing and transposing software. Is this it?

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We're happy to help, but sometimes we need you to help us help you. Please read the "Read this first" topic in the help forum.

What version of Musette are you using? Exactly what did you do to try to transpose? What happened if anything?

Is it possible you saved to a different folder/directory than the one you tried to load from? Some places to look are "My Documents" and the folder Musette lives in. If it's not there, and you remember the file name, you can try window's search from the start menu.
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