Download Musette Free Music Editor
Download MusSetup.exe V2.12.8
If your browser protects you from downloading exe files, download and unzip, then run unzipped MusSetup.exe V2.12.8
  • Installs to the folder of your choice
  • Copies the required music font to your font folder for use with other software
  • Creates a shortcut
  • Provides an uninstall option
  • Recommended for Windows Vista and Windows 7

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If you've been using Musette for awhile and want to help test new features before they're released, visit the experimental version download page .

Upgrade to the Consort Edition

You also get a free ttf music font which may be used with other software. This copyrighted software is free, but may NOT be sold or included with anything for sale without written permission. Details are included with the program. Musette requires a Pentium processor and Windows® XP or higher. Check the Message board for the latest information on this version.

If you prefer more control ...

  • Download MusUnzip.exe
  • Double-click on MusUnzip.exe
  • Choose a folder and click "Unzip"
  • Copy the ttf font file to Window's font folder
  • If you're upgrading, just unzip over your old version
  • No need to run a special installation program or reboot
  • Musette doesn't add, change, or require any other files
  • Double-click on musette.exe
  • Check out the "Demo" section of the help file.
  • If you really want it gone, just delete the files

If you install manually with MusUnzip.exe and want the music font available for use with other programs, you should install the font in Window's font folder.

For more details, readme.txt and musette.hlp are included in MusUnzip.exe and MusSetup.exe. MusUnzip.exe is a self-extracting archive created with WinZip . You don't need WinZip but you may use it to examine or extract individual files.