Musette Music Editor Version History
V2.10.8 adds new symbols, features, editing shortcuts and improved support for Windows Vista and 7.

V2.10.9 adds a help menu link to a website email form for registered consort-edition users, improves the "Draw/None" option and fixes a couple minor problems with block markers and score reformatting.

V2.10.10 adds a recent file list, allows saving and restoring the setup and fixes a couple minor problems.

V2.11.4 optionally plays repeats, DC, DS, coda, 1st/2nd endings.

V2.11.5 fixes a problem with wireless and network printers.

V2.11.6 fixes a problem with the help file.

V2.11.7 fixes a problem with 1st/2nd endings.

V2.11.8 fixes a problem with 2nd endings and MIDI export.

  • Selectable noteheads: oval, X, diamond, triangle, circled cross. Configure individual noteheads with Setup/Properties, or change the default notehead in the green toolbar with Setup/Draw.
  • Configurable percussion staff: Assign any percussion instrument to any notehead at any staff position with Setup/Percussion.
  • Menu File/Export/csv exports csv files to a spreadsheet to analyze pitches, duration, tessistura, range, etc.
  • Menu Setup/Pitch from Text converts any text you type to pitches using an old system of notation for German Renaissance lute music that uses almost every letter of the alphabet to represent specific pitches.
  • Improved setup for Windows Vista and 7.
  • Fixes a problem when playing pieces that change key or time signatures.
  • Fixes a few rare problems with midi files, and beaming dotted notes with accidentals.