Features of Musette Music Editor
Easy editing and formatting
Musette lets you format your score the way you want it. Just click to place a note, beam, chord, staff, brace or other music symbol wherever you want it. If you want to reposition something, just click and drag. Click and drag a bar line to resize a measure and adjust note spacing.
Menu commands
  • Change stem direction
  • Automatically beam notes
  • Group notes into chords
  • Transpose and change clefs
  • Reformat a note group, staff, brace or the entire score
Distribute lyrics and music together in a single, small file.
Musette simplifies creation and distribution of public domain songs as lyrics and music are included together in files that download in seconds. Special features help create, edit, play and print scores and songs, even if you're not familiar with music notation. If you can tap your foot and count, Musette will help you get the music right. You can load the music from a MIDI file, then paste the lyrics from the Windows clipboard. Musette automatically aligns the words with the music. You can change the pitch and tempo, and Musette highlights each word as it plays so it's easy to sing along.
Musette Solo Edition
Oval noteheads Oval, X, diamond, triangle, circled X noteheads
Message board for help E-mail help
Paste text only Paste text and font
2-stave braces Unlimited parts
Load two tracks of a MIDI file Load all tracks of a MIDI file
Some keyboard shortcuts More keyboard shortcuts
Treble and bass clefs Treble, bass, alto, tenor, treble-octave clefs
Limited time signatures Time signatures from 2/2 to 9/8
Smallest note or rest value is 16th note Smallest note or rest value is 64th note
Manually reformat note spacing Automatically reformat note spacing
Fixed size on screen Zoom in or out
Fixed score size when printing Set print size and margins
Fixed instrument sound Select instrument sound for each part and change the instrument within a part
Choose symbols from the menu Separate window displays all music symbols
Manually create chords Create chords manually or automatically
Manually beam notes Beam notes manually or automatically
Set playback speed for entire score Change playback speed at each time signature
Set speed in beats per minute (M.M.) Metronome clicks assist setting speed
  Export MIDI files
  Transposable guitar chords
  Drag bar lines to reformat a measure or staff
  Change stem direction
  Grace notes
  Tuplets (triplets, quintuplets, duplets, etc.)
  Draw variable-width lines
  Measure numbers
  Page breaks with footers
  1st and 2nd endings, DC, DS, coda, sign
  Percussion clefs and configurable percussion staves