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Quick, Easy and Fun Music Notation Editor
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Musette for Songs and Scores
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If you can tap your foot and count, Musette will help you get the music right. Read about more features.

  • E-mail help for registered users
  • Just click to place a symbol anywhere
  • Click and drag to move or adjust symbols
  • Add notes, lyrics, or bar lines in any order
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster editing
  • Resize note groups
  • Transpose and change clefs
  • You choose chord and beam grouping
  • Just click and drag to add beams or ties
  • Just click and drag to group notes into chords
  • Change stem direction
  • Change playback instrument within a part
  • Change playback tempo within the score
  • Automatically reformat note or staff spacing
  • Change the number of staves in a brace
  • Print separate parts and full scores
  • User-translatable menus and hints
  • Demo mode for Consort Edition features
  • Load, play and print Consort Edition files